Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vain 1: The resurrection.

Every bit of talk that is written in spiritual books about god - was written before men knew what a germ was. If you showed them a car they'd jizz in their pants, and if Nikola Tesla showed them his electric tower they would have called him god, and wrote books about him instead.

The god these people created seem to fit more of a natural view, a natural view that requires an unnatural system.

Or to better explain:

When you look at nature, everything. EVERYTHING depends on something else. The system works only because there are many cogs, that work together. If one cog fails, it will have an effect on the rest of them. However insignificant the cog is, when it fails it will effect something. BUT anything in the system CAN fail. And if a big enough cog fails, the rest of the system needs to adapt to survive, or that cog will put an end to many different functions of the system, or destroy it altogether. (the sun)

Think of it as an organic clock. Or a living system that is organized, but only to a certain extent.

Religious or god fearing people would say our system is perfect. And that nothing else could explain this well organized system other than a creator.

But you have to realize that no prophet that ever lived - knew a damn thing about the world.
They never talked about germs, animals, organisms, evolution. They never invented anything, or showed their inspirational influence through any bit of intelligence. They never talk about the stars, what they really are, other than claiming that they are majestic. The sun, the same. They had no idea how nature as a system works.
They were imbalanced idiots. It continually surprises me that a religious person claims to love god, and that his evidence for gods existence is simple:

"i look at the mountains, i see the trees and beauty of this world, and know there's a god that created it"

... Really? Really dipshit?
You're driving around in a huge truck emitting gases that are destroying the atmosphere, you support food chains that keep gods animals in a confined space practically living off of their own feces, and you don't recycle any bit of gods creations to be used more than once.

For loving and seeing god in all that's around us - you sure treat it like shit. I mean if you have no problem manipulating and destroying one of gods creations (that i imagine is pretty sacred to him... the earth) What makes me think you know how to handle something else that would be precious... like say... the spirit?

I treat gods earth, animals, plants, and even other humans that don't think like me shitty... But don't worry. I have the SPIRIT of god - and it provides me the peace and comfort to know that i'm always right.

If you see god in all his creations - then when you look at porn do you feel the spirit? I mean, that's his most sacred creation was the human right? I know for me personally when I find myself in a pussy, the spirit OVERWHELMS me with deep peace, and comfort. I feel his love for me, and the deeper I get the more I lose all control of myself. This moment is so spiritual that it physically drains me of all my energy, and am left so weak that I need to nap before continuing on with my day.

But you'll never hear this topic talked about in church meetings.We're all for god creating beautiful things - but when it comes to the more icky things he's created - we prefer to stay obliviuos.

What they don't realize is that these icky or evil things as most of them would probably label them all support the system that we live in.

If there weren't forest fires, diseases, icky organisms, than we'd overpopulate and with our excessive love of taking gods creation for granted and ransacking it of everything it offers us - we'd all be screwed in a matter of years.

These things serve as a check against stupidity and excessiveness.

But i'm getting off topic - let's get back to the organic cog and how god doesn't work in OUR system.

So ... he's omnipotent - can't die.

If you're a mormon you claim that he has a human body like ours.

So he's got - eyes, ears, liver, lungs, appendix, Coccyx...
It's all there. And why? "... well because... he's our father.."

Okay, let me be more specific. What does an all powerful, infinite, immortal being need with lungs?
God likes to breathe? But he doesn't need it.... Also he just likes to breathe oxygen, can't use lungs for anything else other than breathing in oxygen. So... if he stopped breathing oxygen... he wouldn't die... so why does he have lungs?

So what's the point? Once again there is no point... he's vain, he likes to breathe oxygen... Doesn't like to breathe anyhthing else, but he sure loves his oxygen.

So what's the point of him having a body? If you can't destroy it, it serves no purpose. What good are your teeth going to be when you don't eat? What good is your skin when it's not protecting your organs? What good are your organs when they don't keep you alive? Like I said in the beginning - no matter how INSIGNIFICANT a cog is, it will effect the system if it dies, or is destroyed...
So with that being said, what would happen if a cog that isn't needed in this system disappeared (or rather, what would happen if god disappeared)? well.. nothing... the system doesn't rely on him, because he does nothing for the system. If he doesn't depend on it, and unless you see god tying a string to every plant and pulling, or bending over cows before they're impregnated... the system doesn't seem to need him... then what's the point of his existence?

For making such a big deal about having THIS life have meaning and purpose, you seem to fill the rest of your existence with vanity.

The truth is an all powerful being wouldn't need anything to exist - a body, a conscience, - for something to be all powerful, it would need not exist. If it had something - anything - it would be vain.

Think about it - if you had all the power in the world - what would be the point of a wife? No one could give you an orgasm, like yourself.
And what would be the point of an orgasm if you're all powerful? That's basically like saying numbers are infinite, and then saying that 1,000 is the highest number ever. If his powers are INFINITE - then saying he enjoys orgasms is just as silly as saying 1,000 is the highest number. He can have something INFINITELY GREATER than an orgasm.

There's no structure around something that is INFINITE - because there's nothing to compare it to.

It's like saying that in a race god would win everybody right, cause he's all powerful. Okay, well by how much does he win? .1 seconds - well, he's all powerful so he can do better than that. 1.0 second? Nope, he's ALL POWERFUL - so he wins INFINITELY better than everyone else.

To revert back to the body - Nothing can physically hurt him, so he's physically untouchable. Has no feeling. And if you can hurt him, then he can die. Pain is tissue damage - damage would be a key word here, if you can physically damage something, then you can physically damage it beyond repair, help, etc. So if god can FEEL physical pain, he can die, and therefore isn't immortal at all.

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