Thursday, May 5, 2011

If Moses were real...

So I've had this argument a few times. Never gotten a good answer. (No surprise there) because there is no good answer. It's either answer like a dipshit, or answer like a dipshit. Either way, your dippin' yourself in shit to stay convinced that there is a god, and it's the christian one.

So it's the argument of 'when is evil justified' and it goes a little something like this.

If you ask a Chrisian in our day if they believe that the muslims that flew planes into the twin towers on 09/11 and killed roughly 4,000 people, were terrorists.

The vote would be unanimous - YES. They were terrorists.

Now if you asked them if someone roamed around the desert and killed men, women, children, and even animals. And it wasn't just a small number - like 4,000 - it was 40,000. Ten times that amount.
Not just christians, but everyone would vote unanimously - YES, he's a terrorist.

Now, just change 1 word in that last phrase. Moses.
If moses roamed the desert....

Christians unanimously would say - NO. Not a terrorist. Inspired by God to kill. Completely different from Muslims who were inspired to fly planes into twin towers. Because our God is real, theres is fake.

Fair enough, I'm not about to get into the arguments of faith. Faith can never be set up as a logical argument, and I refuse to argue with someone that uses no logic to defend their stance.

Rather, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Christianity. Let's ALL assume that your God is real, and that Moses was truly inspired by him, and it was more of a pre-emptive attack, than terrorism.

Now let's say you are a judge. And a group of people come to you with a man that supposedly killed 40,000 people. Not only do the prosecuters claim that this man did this, the man confesses. Not only does he confess, but is proud of his work. So proud that he writes it in a book. A book that is supposed to be a guide of morals to influence people to believe in God.

When they bring the man before you, you realize that it's the man you believe to be a prophet. Moses.
You have a moral obligation to do what's right here. God could not punish you for putting his prophet to death, God said numerous times... in the same book that moses just wrote in - that you must obey the laws of the land. Which clearly Moses did not.

Not only that but as a judge, you don't represent yourself, you represent the community. And if you let this man go free, you would basically be saying to everyone within the community - it's okay to murder, in mass quantities, AND there's a chance you won't go to prison for it, because you did it in God's name.
I thought god was all intelligent - an all intelligent and all knowing being would know exactly what to say to convince you of the error of your ways. Especially if he has the truth on his side.
But no intelligence shown here, no words used. No hope or faith for the pagans - just a blunt, frank: don't believe in god? well FUCK YOUR EXISTENCE THEN!

So I guess the better question is - when is it okay for god to disobey his own commandments? When is it acceptable for him to say - you're not allowed your agency?

And would god judge you for judging one of his prophets who created the very commandment he broke 'thou shalt not kill' - or would god judge you for not judging that prophet, and leaving the example that it's acceptable to be a terrorist?


  1. The answer is... we'll understand everything when we get to heaven. How is this pertinent to our salvation now? (That's the answer to everything...)

  2. If it's any comfort, there's no archaeological evidence that Hebrews ever committed any acts of genocide. They probably just made all that stuff up. Which means the Bible is wrong, and Jews had genocide envy.

    Maybe that doesn't help.

  3. The reason nobody wants to argue with you is because you obviously have no idea about the bible. Try reading it. And you can't kill a prophet and expect to live. But in order to be a prophet you must accept the fact that your going to be martyred. Chew on this… why do Muslims walk counterclockwise around a big black stone… dajjaal lol

    1. Brandon Baker

      I guess i should ... thank you... for commenting on my atheist blog. you didn't propose an argument, or defend your stance. You just mumbled about how i need to your read your book to know that it's true.

      I don't know where you learned how to argue - but let me put into perspective what you just said to me.

      Obviously you know nothing about my cock. Try sucking it. You can't suck it and expect to live - it's just too big. But in order to suck my cock you must first accept the fact that it's going to kill you. Chew on this... Why do muslims suck cocks counter clockwise?

      But thank you young christian for coming onto an atheist blog - i'm guessing to argue with the topics brought up in them - and somehow say absolutely nothing about the argument placed before you.