Monday, May 30, 2011

Neurology and God: Chapter 2

Let's say there is a God, and when getting to him he points out different parts of my life where I chose to be immoral.

Let's say I accepted gays, and even supported their marriages. This would most definitely be seen as a sin, I don't see how the support of evil wouldn't be considered a sin.

So god tells me that it was wrong of me to support them, and that I should have been judging them, and calling them to repentence. The following conversation takes place:

Me -  "I was only following Christs teaching. 'He who isn't perfect cast the first stone.' I wasn't going to judge anyone."

Now, at the thought of this statement I realize something very important. God, is judging me. Christ was perfect, and asked that we not judge. So I ask god - 'Do you believe christ was perfect?"

He responds, "but of course"

Me - "then... why don't you follow his teachings if they were perfect."

He responds, "Well, they were perfect for you, because you're not all knowing. You see I'm perfect and all knowing. Therefore I know how to perfectly judge someone. So it is acceptable that I judge."

Me - "So you taught us those things because for the time being that's what we had to use. But when we're all knowing and perfect, THEN we can judge... so these teachings from christ were all temporal."

God - "Yes that's correct."

Me - "Okay.... So you didn't want me judging homos cause I didn't know it was wrong? So by not judging them I was doing the right thing for the temporal time I had on earth..."

God - "No you were supposed to judge them, because you knew that what they were doing was wrong."

Me - "And how did I know that?"

God - "Cause christ said it was wrong..."

Me - "Well, Christ also said not to judge... So did he want me to judge the homos or to not? Cause if we're supposed to judge people by what we know to be right and wrong. Jesus said in the same book to judge and to not judge... And he was perfect.... So both teachings are perfectly correct."

God - "... Well ... Nevermind then, I won't judge you for this issue. But we have much bigger issues to move on to.... let's see... Oh, you drank alcohol."

I respond proudly - "Yes, I did. Just trying to live up to the example Moses, Christ, the 12 apostles and quite a few other religious people left me. Although I don't see how that pertains to my judgement."

God - "Well because your prophet told you not to."

Me - " Hahahah - Right, god... like I'm going to follow their example over the example left by my savior Jesus the Christ"

God obviously frustrated - "Well, then what about when you had pre-marital sex"

With a look of confusion I respond - "Oh I'm sorry... were you married to Mary when ya fucked her... and what were you doing fucking a married woman anyway?"

God - "That's none of your business. Once again I AM PERFECT."

Me - "So once I acquire this perfection, I can disregard everything you and Jesus ever taught me."

God - "No, but once you're perfect - the things you do are sacred, and you do them for sacred reasons"

Me - "Then, what's the point of teaching us all these things"

God laughs mockingly, "well to teach you how to be perfect"

Me - "So the plan is to teach me to be perfect, so that once I am perfect, I never have to follow the teachings that made me perfect."

God - "No you don't understand...."

Me - "Clearly I don't understand, so how can you judge me on morality when I was following the perfect examples of those who killed, committed adultery, drank, swore, judged, didn't judge, etc. I was only following the perfect examples of you and your son, and your prophets..."

God - "But you KNEW better. Your prophet told you not to do those things."

Me - "I knew better than you? Hardly. And how did I know he was your prophet."

God - "Cause the spirit testified to you these truths"

Me - "And how should I have known that this wasn't the spirit of the devil testifying falsely?"


Me - "Well, so if the devil told me that i should follow him, and then gave me a feeling. And once i have that feeling I will know that he's telling the truth - you expect me to just follow him?"

God - "NO you MORON. Did you get nothing out of christs teachings? 'by their fruits ye shall know them.'

 Me - "I'm so glad you said that. Cause all these prophets today talk about how it's immoral to drink or have pre-marital sex. Which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you and christ did. By THEIR fruits, I just knew they couldn't have been your prophets."

God sits back... defeated in his argument, trying to figure out just how in the hell anyone could have come to him with such common sense.

If the christian god exists, anyone who has two licks of intelligence could easily talk their way past the pearly gates and the judgement bar. Hell, I could show up drunk, half naked, and with a prostitute, and STILL be confidant I'm getting through.


Now for any christians who want to say, well they did those things because they had a perfect knowledge and I don't so I can't.

Let me get this straight. Me, not knowing what is perfect and right, am left with the example of perfect people, but am expected not to follow.

Instead I am expected to follow the examples of imperfect people (prophets), and hope that their examples of imperfection will somehow lead me to perfection?

This all goes back of course to the first blog I wrote about the goal of religion. Either follow perfect examples, get bad PR, and be told not to. Or, follow imperfect examples which are good for PR, and not try to become like jesus in this life.

Both of those theories sound ridiculous and anyone with common sense would not adhere to either. They would find a theory that works without the ENORMOUS contradictions.

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