Monday, May 30, 2011

Neurology and God: Chapter 2

Let's say there is a God, and when getting to him he points out different parts of my life where I chose to be immoral.

Let's say I accepted gays, and even supported their marriages. This would most definitely be seen as a sin, I don't see how the support of evil wouldn't be considered a sin.

So god tells me that it was wrong of me to support them, and that I should have been judging them, and calling them to repentence. The following conversation takes place:

Me -  "I was only following Christs teaching. 'He who isn't perfect cast the first stone.' I wasn't going to judge anyone."

Now, at the thought of this statement I realize something very important. God, is judging me. Christ was perfect, and asked that we not judge. So I ask god - 'Do you believe christ was perfect?"

He responds, "but of course"

Me - "then... why don't you follow his teachings if they were perfect."

He responds, "Well, they were perfect for you, because you're not all knowing. You see I'm perfect and all knowing. Therefore I know how to perfectly judge someone. So it is acceptable that I judge."

Me - "So you taught us those things because for the time being that's what we had to use. But when we're all knowing and perfect, THEN we can judge... so these teachings from christ were all temporal."

God - "Yes that's correct."

Me - "Okay.... So you didn't want me judging homos cause I didn't know it was wrong? So by not judging them I was doing the right thing for the temporal time I had on earth..."

God - "No you were supposed to judge them, because you knew that what they were doing was wrong."

Me - "And how did I know that?"

God - "Cause christ said it was wrong..."

Me - "Well, Christ also said not to judge... So did he want me to judge the homos or to not? Cause if we're supposed to judge people by what we know to be right and wrong. Jesus said in the same book to judge and to not judge... And he was perfect.... So both teachings are perfectly correct."

God - "... Well ... Nevermind then, I won't judge you for this issue. But we have much bigger issues to move on to.... let's see... Oh, you drank alcohol."

I respond proudly - "Yes, I did. Just trying to live up to the example Moses, Christ, the 12 apostles and quite a few other religious people left me. Although I don't see how that pertains to my judgement."

God - "Well because your prophet told you not to."

Me - " Hahahah - Right, god... like I'm going to follow their example over the example left by my savior Jesus the Christ"

God obviously frustrated - "Well, then what about when you had pre-marital sex"

With a look of confusion I respond - "Oh I'm sorry... were you married to Mary when ya fucked her... and what were you doing fucking a married woman anyway?"

God - "That's none of your business. Once again I AM PERFECT."

Me - "So once I acquire this perfection, I can disregard everything you and Jesus ever taught me."

God - "No, but once you're perfect - the things you do are sacred, and you do them for sacred reasons"

Me - "Then, what's the point of teaching us all these things"

God laughs mockingly, "well to teach you how to be perfect"

Me - "So the plan is to teach me to be perfect, so that once I am perfect, I never have to follow the teachings that made me perfect."

God - "No you don't understand...."

Me - "Clearly I don't understand, so how can you judge me on morality when I was following the perfect examples of those who killed, committed adultery, drank, swore, judged, didn't judge, etc. I was only following the perfect examples of you and your son, and your prophets..."

God - "But you KNEW better. Your prophet told you not to do those things."

Me - "I knew better than you? Hardly. And how did I know he was your prophet."

God - "Cause the spirit testified to you these truths"

Me - "And how should I have known that this wasn't the spirit of the devil testifying falsely?"


Me - "Well, so if the devil told me that i should follow him, and then gave me a feeling. And once i have that feeling I will know that he's telling the truth - you expect me to just follow him?"

God - "NO you MORON. Did you get nothing out of christs teachings? 'by their fruits ye shall know them.'

 Me - "I'm so glad you said that. Cause all these prophets today talk about how it's immoral to drink or have pre-marital sex. Which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you and christ did. By THEIR fruits, I just knew they couldn't have been your prophets."

God sits back... defeated in his argument, trying to figure out just how in the hell anyone could have come to him with such common sense.

If the christian god exists, anyone who has two licks of intelligence could easily talk their way past the pearly gates and the judgement bar. Hell, I could show up drunk, half naked, and with a prostitute, and STILL be confidant I'm getting through.


Now for any christians who want to say, well they did those things because they had a perfect knowledge and I don't so I can't.

Let me get this straight. Me, not knowing what is perfect and right, am left with the example of perfect people, but am expected not to follow.

Instead I am expected to follow the examples of imperfect people (prophets), and hope that their examples of imperfection will somehow lead me to perfection?

This all goes back of course to the first blog I wrote about the goal of religion. Either follow perfect examples, get bad PR, and be told not to. Or, follow imperfect examples which are good for PR, and not try to become like jesus in this life.

Both of those theories sound ridiculous and anyone with common sense would not adhere to either. They would find a theory that works without the ENORMOUS contradictions.

Neurology and God: Chapter 1

Most all religions lay claim to a very important feature, or evidence of validation for their beliefs.

This is most widely known as - the spirit.

The spirit is a feeling inside you, that is supposedly "too deep, too strong," to be just considered a feeling. So religious people will claim that since this feeling is so strong that it must not be a feeling at all. It's the presence of a supernatural being.

If I close my eyes, and imagine a man dressed in white descending from the heavens, his arms open, his eyes and smile expressing love and confidence leading me to believe that I can trust him, and that he's only here to help. Then that feeling of deep peace comes back.

The point being that this feeling doesn't derive from a supernatural being - it derives from your brain.

If I'm in an intense moment of fear - my heart instantly doubles its pace, my eyes open wide, my muscles tighten, and the feeling I have is very different. It's a feeling that doesn't really have a definition - the best I can define it is - lively or passionate. The intensity of the situatin has awoken every facet of my being and for the next few moments my brain and body seem to be working at an incredible rate.

This feeling is far more intense than any spiritual feeling i've ever felt - yet no one would claim that this feeling derived from a supernatural being.

Butterflies are just a feeling, guilt is just a feeling, pain, heartache, goosebumps, horny - those are just feelings. But DEEP PEACE is god.

Here's where this theory doesn't work for me. I've never lived outside of my brain - So I don't know what derives from it, and what doesn't. But I do know small bits about neurology (it is one of my interests). I appreciate knowing the difference between the male and female brain, how they function, and why the brain functions the way it does. So for anyone who believes in the spirit I'm going to explain a very simple fact about brains, and how they process pain. In particular, phantom pain. Phantom pain is simply pain in a part of your body, that doesn't exist anymore.

Phantom pain:
A study found that eight days after amputation, 72 percent of patients had phantom limb pain, and six months later, 65 percent reported it. Some amputees experience continuous pain that varies in intensity or quality; others experience several bouts a day. It is often described as shooting, crushing, burning or cramping. If the pain is continuous for a long period, parts of the body may become sensitized, in so much that by touching them evokes pain in the phantom limb, or the phantom limb pain may accompany urination or defecation.

Now clearly these people don't have limbs - yet those non existent limbs seem to be causing them pain.

I bring this up to make a point about the brain... which is simply: You can't trust it. The brain is very complex, but one thing that is understood about it is brain waves.

Your brain PHYSICALLY changes every time you perform an action. The more you perform an action, the more a brain wave is set, and the more an action becomes a HABIT. Or in other words, the deeper a brain wave or the longer you've performed a habit, the more it becomes a part of your subconscious - to the point where it almost doesn't exist anymore as a thought - you act on habit. Your brain senses a situation is similar to previous situations, and reacts.

Now if a brain wave is set let's say about... a limb. You've lived with your limb for 50 years, and then it's amputated. The brain isn't going to just accept the fact that a limb doesn't exist anymore. It has built an understanding about it's environment for 50 years, and it's not going to simply drop it. That's like asking you to walk upright for 50 years, and then suddenly placing you on a boat, and EXPECTING your brain to know exactly what to do to react to the waves and keep balance.

Why do I bring all this up? Because let's say the spirit is just a feeling brought on by the brain. Now, under certain situations (church, prayer) it calls upon the spirit. The more it has this feeling under these given situation, the more apt your brain will revert to that feeling naturally when you're put into that situation.

Now if an amputee can believe he still feels pain in an inexistent limb - could you... accept the idea that it is possible that when you feel the spirit - it's actually just your brain creating a feeling for something that doesn't exist?

This theory that the brain is the cause of this spirit feeling holds alot more weight when you realize that every religion claims to have this feeling - and they all claim that they understand it, and that it guides them in their lives.

Now, either everyone but your religion is lying about this (quite a coincidence - when they all think you're lying)


God is sending down a spirit that is confusing everyone, and sending everyone in different directions.

BOTH of these situations seem unlikely - compared to the idea that maybe - it just comes from your brain. Like every other feeling that you experience.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vain 1: The resurrection.

Every bit of talk that is written in spiritual books about god - was written before men knew what a germ was. If you showed them a car they'd jizz in their pants, and if Nikola Tesla showed them his electric tower they would have called him god, and wrote books about him instead.

The god these people created seem to fit more of a natural view, a natural view that requires an unnatural system.

Or to better explain:

When you look at nature, everything. EVERYTHING depends on something else. The system works only because there are many cogs, that work together. If one cog fails, it will have an effect on the rest of them. However insignificant the cog is, when it fails it will effect something. BUT anything in the system CAN fail. And if a big enough cog fails, the rest of the system needs to adapt to survive, or that cog will put an end to many different functions of the system, or destroy it altogether. (the sun)

Think of it as an organic clock. Or a living system that is organized, but only to a certain extent.

Religious or god fearing people would say our system is perfect. And that nothing else could explain this well organized system other than a creator.

But you have to realize that no prophet that ever lived - knew a damn thing about the world.
They never talked about germs, animals, organisms, evolution. They never invented anything, or showed their inspirational influence through any bit of intelligence. They never talk about the stars, what they really are, other than claiming that they are majestic. The sun, the same. They had no idea how nature as a system works.
They were imbalanced idiots. It continually surprises me that a religious person claims to love god, and that his evidence for gods existence is simple:

"i look at the mountains, i see the trees and beauty of this world, and know there's a god that created it"

... Really? Really dipshit?
You're driving around in a huge truck emitting gases that are destroying the atmosphere, you support food chains that keep gods animals in a confined space practically living off of their own feces, and you don't recycle any bit of gods creations to be used more than once.

For loving and seeing god in all that's around us - you sure treat it like shit. I mean if you have no problem manipulating and destroying one of gods creations (that i imagine is pretty sacred to him... the earth) What makes me think you know how to handle something else that would be precious... like say... the spirit?

I treat gods earth, animals, plants, and even other humans that don't think like me shitty... But don't worry. I have the SPIRIT of god - and it provides me the peace and comfort to know that i'm always right.

If you see god in all his creations - then when you look at porn do you feel the spirit? I mean, that's his most sacred creation was the human right? I know for me personally when I find myself in a pussy, the spirit OVERWHELMS me with deep peace, and comfort. I feel his love for me, and the deeper I get the more I lose all control of myself. This moment is so spiritual that it physically drains me of all my energy, and am left so weak that I need to nap before continuing on with my day.

But you'll never hear this topic talked about in church meetings.We're all for god creating beautiful things - but when it comes to the more icky things he's created - we prefer to stay obliviuos.

What they don't realize is that these icky or evil things as most of them would probably label them all support the system that we live in.

If there weren't forest fires, diseases, icky organisms, than we'd overpopulate and with our excessive love of taking gods creation for granted and ransacking it of everything it offers us - we'd all be screwed in a matter of years.

These things serve as a check against stupidity and excessiveness.

But i'm getting off topic - let's get back to the organic cog and how god doesn't work in OUR system.

So ... he's omnipotent - can't die.

If you're a mormon you claim that he has a human body like ours.

So he's got - eyes, ears, liver, lungs, appendix, Coccyx...
It's all there. And why? "... well because... he's our father.."

Okay, let me be more specific. What does an all powerful, infinite, immortal being need with lungs?
God likes to breathe? But he doesn't need it.... Also he just likes to breathe oxygen, can't use lungs for anything else other than breathing in oxygen. So... if he stopped breathing oxygen... he wouldn't die... so why does he have lungs?

So what's the point? Once again there is no point... he's vain, he likes to breathe oxygen... Doesn't like to breathe anyhthing else, but he sure loves his oxygen.

So what's the point of him having a body? If you can't destroy it, it serves no purpose. What good are your teeth going to be when you don't eat? What good is your skin when it's not protecting your organs? What good are your organs when they don't keep you alive? Like I said in the beginning - no matter how INSIGNIFICANT a cog is, it will effect the system if it dies, or is destroyed...
So with that being said, what would happen if a cog that isn't needed in this system disappeared (or rather, what would happen if god disappeared)? well.. nothing... the system doesn't rely on him, because he does nothing for the system. If he doesn't depend on it, and unless you see god tying a string to every plant and pulling, or bending over cows before they're impregnated... the system doesn't seem to need him... then what's the point of his existence?

For making such a big deal about having THIS life have meaning and purpose, you seem to fill the rest of your existence with vanity.

The truth is an all powerful being wouldn't need anything to exist - a body, a conscience, - for something to be all powerful, it would need not exist. If it had something - anything - it would be vain.

Think about it - if you had all the power in the world - what would be the point of a wife? No one could give you an orgasm, like yourself.
And what would be the point of an orgasm if you're all powerful? That's basically like saying numbers are infinite, and then saying that 1,000 is the highest number ever. If his powers are INFINITE - then saying he enjoys orgasms is just as silly as saying 1,000 is the highest number. He can have something INFINITELY GREATER than an orgasm.

There's no structure around something that is INFINITE - because there's nothing to compare it to.

It's like saying that in a race god would win everybody right, cause he's all powerful. Okay, well by how much does he win? .1 seconds - well, he's all powerful so he can do better than that. 1.0 second? Nope, he's ALL POWERFUL - so he wins INFINITELY better than everyone else.

To revert back to the body - Nothing can physically hurt him, so he's physically untouchable. Has no feeling. And if you can hurt him, then he can die. Pain is tissue damage - damage would be a key word here, if you can physically damage something, then you can physically damage it beyond repair, help, etc. So if god can FEEL physical pain, he can die, and therefore isn't immortal at all.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

If Moses were real...

So I've had this argument a few times. Never gotten a good answer. (No surprise there) because there is no good answer. It's either answer like a dipshit, or answer like a dipshit. Either way, your dippin' yourself in shit to stay convinced that there is a god, and it's the christian one.

So it's the argument of 'when is evil justified' and it goes a little something like this.

If you ask a Chrisian in our day if they believe that the muslims that flew planes into the twin towers on 09/11 and killed roughly 4,000 people, were terrorists.

The vote would be unanimous - YES. They were terrorists.

Now if you asked them if someone roamed around the desert and killed men, women, children, and even animals. And it wasn't just a small number - like 4,000 - it was 40,000. Ten times that amount.
Not just christians, but everyone would vote unanimously - YES, he's a terrorist.

Now, just change 1 word in that last phrase. Moses.
If moses roamed the desert....

Christians unanimously would say - NO. Not a terrorist. Inspired by God to kill. Completely different from Muslims who were inspired to fly planes into twin towers. Because our God is real, theres is fake.

Fair enough, I'm not about to get into the arguments of faith. Faith can never be set up as a logical argument, and I refuse to argue with someone that uses no logic to defend their stance.

Rather, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Christianity. Let's ALL assume that your God is real, and that Moses was truly inspired by him, and it was more of a pre-emptive attack, than terrorism.

Now let's say you are a judge. And a group of people come to you with a man that supposedly killed 40,000 people. Not only do the prosecuters claim that this man did this, the man confesses. Not only does he confess, but is proud of his work. So proud that he writes it in a book. A book that is supposed to be a guide of morals to influence people to believe in God.

When they bring the man before you, you realize that it's the man you believe to be a prophet. Moses.
You have a moral obligation to do what's right here. God could not punish you for putting his prophet to death, God said numerous times... in the same book that moses just wrote in - that you must obey the laws of the land. Which clearly Moses did not.

Not only that but as a judge, you don't represent yourself, you represent the community. And if you let this man go free, you would basically be saying to everyone within the community - it's okay to murder, in mass quantities, AND there's a chance you won't go to prison for it, because you did it in God's name.
I thought god was all intelligent - an all intelligent and all knowing being would know exactly what to say to convince you of the error of your ways. Especially if he has the truth on his side.
But no intelligence shown here, no words used. No hope or faith for the pagans - just a blunt, frank: don't believe in god? well FUCK YOUR EXISTENCE THEN!

So I guess the better question is - when is it okay for god to disobey his own commandments? When is it acceptable for him to say - you're not allowed your agency?

And would god judge you for judging one of his prophets who created the very commandment he broke 'thou shalt not kill' - or would god judge you for not judging that prophet, and leaving the example that it's acceptable to be a terrorist?